Aron-A series
(Acid level-dyeing dyestuff)
Acid Dyestuffs W series
(Faintly Acid Dyestuffs)
Acid Dyestuffs S.M series
(1:2 metal complex dyestuff )
Aron-A series(Acid level-dyeing dyestuff)
Type: Acid level-dyeing dyestuff
Aron-A is acid level-dyeing dyestuff suitable for the dyeing of nylon and wool
This series has the following features:
   Excellent sunlight fastness
   Good level-dyeing property
   Excellent poor crossings covering ability.
   Good wet fastness
   Good compatability
Application range:
Nylon(include nylon 6 and 66),wool and its blended fabrics.
Use: Nylon loose wool,tops,yarns,carpet,woollen fabric piece goods
Three primary colors:
Nutual color---Yellow GR
Red 2GN
Blue S-B
or---Yellow A4R
Red 2GN

Standard dyeing techniques:

    Pulping with soft water at 60°C,then increase the tempt. slowly to 90°C( 5 minutes)
    Tested according to ISO standards
     Xenon arc light fastness
     Water immersion(ISOE01)
    Wet the sample cloth in room temperature and then put it on plastic board, press it,keep it 4 hours in drying oven at 37°C.
Rinsing(ISO C01 40°C)
     5g/l soap flake
    Bath ratio:50:1
    In 550ml stainless cup,30 minutes' treatment by soaper at 40°C
     0.5g/l histidine monohydrochloride
     5g/l sodium chloride
     2.5g/l di-Sodium hydrogen orthophosphate
     PH is 8,30 minutes,bath ratio is 50:1,then 4 hours in drying oven at 37°C
     Wet and dry
     Pressure:4KPa,temp.:150°C,30 seconds treatment
     N : Nylon felt
     WO : wool felt
     CO : cotton felt


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